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Some little girls wish for ponies or puppies or dolls for Christmas. Brian's daughters had bigger wishes! They have been asking him to marry Theresa for quite some time now...some subtle ways and others much more direct. And like some of the very best gifts we receive, it all came as a surprise...not only to their daughters, but to many of the guests in attendance.

In order to keep everything a secret, Theresa and Brian had to plan their entire wedding in ten days...yes, an entire wedding in TEN DAYS and despite the challenge, everything went perfectly! The first surprise was to be to the girls. It was such an honor to be present for such an intimate, private moment.

The wedding day went flawlessly. This is in large part because of the love that Theresa and Brian have for one another, their children, and their friends and family. We were welcomed with open arms and treated as if we were family before, during, and after the wedding, which meant a lot to me!

I had my friend Katie Merkle with me to help document the special day!