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Alix + Adam | Austin, Texas Wedding at the Prospect House

Alix and Adam's wedding weekend in Austin, Texas was literally perfect! The celebration began on Saturday night at an Austin staple, Z Tejas. Guests were treated to an amazing menu, drinks, connections, and laughs! The evening had to end a bit early because Alix and Adam planned an early Sunday morning wedding...and for GREAT reason. They wanted their guests to be comfortable as temperatures in Austin can be well over 100 degrees!

Shooting began at 6:30am at the unique, modern, quirky, bright, airy Prospect House. What a fantastic wedding venue! Alix and Adam enjoyed a private sunrise first look on the grounds of the Prospect House. Their wedding ceremony took place shortly after before it became too warm! The ceremony was filled with sincerity!

Alix and Adam spent the rest of the day enjoying their guests, who were enjoying breakfast tacos, pastries, lawn games, mimosas, old fashions, and pie!! It really is true what they say about Southern Hospitality as EVERYONE was warm and inviting, making the day all the more special!

Special thanks to Eclipse Events Co for planning and coordinating such a wonderful event. Everyone worked as a team and the behind the scenes went amazingly well!